Pick two of six…

On the 5th Digital Trust Day we feature six interactive workshops on diverse and highly relevant topics around Digital Trust.

The workshops are designed to provide participants with up-to-date insights as well as the opportunity to engage with peers and share experiences. Participants can choose which two of the workshops they would like to attend – one in Session I and the other in Session II. Each of the workshops will be presented in both sessions.

We derive your personal Data Protection Roadmap. Based on eight steps to be compliant, you can assess your current state and determine your three priorities to get started.

This workshop is based on one of our international research projects and supported by Erasmus+ and Movetia Micro-Enterprise Cybersecurity (MECyS).

Take aways: You will receive valuable templates to implement Data Protection under limited resources.

Hosted by:

Prof. Dr. Bettina Schneider

Ilya Misyura

We explore Digital Trust in the light of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

We will shortly introduce the psychological concept of trust and its significance regarding AI. We then explore collaboratively some of the most relevant components of Digital Trust in AI:

  • Performance abilities of AI,
  • Understandability of the technology, and
  • Trustworthiness of organizations.

We will discuss participants experiences with AI systems and aspects that strengthen or hinder the building of adequate Trust.

Take aways: You will be equipped with a basic understanding of the importance of Digital Trust in AI, along with some indicators on how to develop and deploy trustworthy AI systems.

Hosted by:

Janine Jäger

Jona Karg

We explore together the ´whereabouts´ of whistleblowing.

As a ´practitioner´ discussion partner, we have invited a whistleblower who contributed to a very high-profile case that was ultimately uncovered and thus averted damage to society. Together, we discuss and gather arguments about the reasons for whistleblowing and what this has to do with Digital Trust. We will also briefly introduce you to our blockchain-based whistleblower tool ‘Integrity@Inside’ and share our experiences with you. We look forward to hearing your views on this highly controversial Digital Trust topic.

Take aways: You will gain a deeper understanding about whistleblowing and the dependency of an existing Digital Trust ecosystem; you will be aware of the concept of building trust to protect whistleblowers.

Hosted by:

Prof. Dr. Petra Asprion

Frank Grimberg

We explore the fundamental concepts and underlying principles of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

This sounds complicated? — Not at all!

You will discover the implication of DAOs in the blockchain ecosystem. You will do your first practical steps for engaging with or starting a DAO.

Take aways: You will be equipped with a sufficient understanding of how DAOs operate, their governance structures, and their real-world applications. This workshop is perfect for you if you are curious about blockchain or maybe Decentralized Finance (DeFi), or when you seeking innovative approaches to organization and governance.

Hosted by:

Dr. Pascal Moriggl

Hermann Grieder

You will explore the key elements of effective network security, focusing on the importance of network monitoring to detect and respond to potential threats.

You will learn about network segmentation to contain the spread of threats and limit the impact of breaches, and network visibility to identify vulnerabilities, enforce policies, and respond effectively to incidents.

Take aways: You will gain a deeper understanding about network elements and how these elements work together to create a multi-layered defense against evolving cyberthreats, ultimately safeguarding the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of corporate networks.

Hosted by:

Dr. Christoher Scherb

Tim Senn

Oops, another new buzzword ?!?!

What does digital trust actually mean in the midst of all the hype?

And how can I capture it with a piece of software? Can I? Yes I can!

You will experience …

  • how Digital Trust can be automated
  • how Digital Trust can help you to increase your company’s performance

Your take aways:

  • you will be aware of potential roadblocks when creating your digital trust strategy
  • you know a famous tool to establish Digital Trust within your company

In addition, you’re a bit familiar with controversial theses on the topic.

Hosted by:

Andreas von Grebmer

Heike Klaus