Digital Trust is not just a buzzword …

With SheLeadsTech ISACA empowers women to enhance their professional skills for professional growth. Networking together and increasing the network of professionals is an important part of SheLeadsTech. We the Competence Center of Digital Trust support the idea and want to make a contribution to eliminating gender inequality in the world of work.

Although this part of our program is advertised under SheLeadsTech – of course all gender identities are welcome to contribute ideas, join in the discussion, be inspired and expand their network.

We are organizing this session together with the ISACA Switzerland chapter and in particular with Andrea Tribelhorn, who is the president of the chapter and with Viola Sini, who contributed the idea for this event under the flag of SheLeadsTech in Switzerland.

Afterwork EventMonday | 13th of May | Basel | 5 min. walk from SBB
17.00 Digital Trust InsightsDigital is trust is more than a buzzword …
Speaker Prof. Dr. Petra Maria Asprion
18.00Apéro Riche

Together with SheLeadsTech, we want to look at and discuss the topic of digital trust from five different perspectives in the late afternoon session.

Digital Trust is not a buzzword but enables unrestricted participation in the digital world and is crucial for long-term trust between companies and their customers as well as for the success of digital business relationships.

But what does this mean in concrete terms?

In this interactive session we collect, evaluate, and categorize topics around Digital Trust and discuss their meaning in our professional but also private world.

  • How holistically do we need to view Digital Trust?
  • Do we need new concepts and models?
  • Do we need further training, if so, where and how?
  • How can we incorporate the topic into our current working environment?
  • Are there interesting jobs in this area today?

We will address these and additional questions – serving as inspiration for deliberating on our approach to the subject of Digital Trust in forthcoming discussions.

After the discussion, we invite you to an Apéro Riche where we can network and get to know each other, exchange ideas.